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        2017年生物科学论坛第二十八期––Lukas Schreiber 教授

        [发布日期:2017-11-13 点击数: ]



        报告题目:Biology of plant/environment interfaces

        报 告 人:Lukas Schreiber 教授

        报告摘要:Living plant tissue is separated from the Surrounding environment by extracellular lipophilic biopolymers. The Interface between the atmosphere and leaves is formed by the cuticle  sealing outer epidermal cell walls. Soil/root interfaces are formed by exo- and endodermal tissue characterized by suberized cell walls. As main function these lipophilic interfaces form barriers regulating water and solute transport and they significantly help to cope with abiotic and biotic stress. Various aspects of our ongoing research related to cuticular transport of water (cuticular transpiration) and solutes(ions, pesticides ...), epiphyllic microorganisms living on leaf surfaces and root suberization in response to abiotic stress (NaCl,oxygen deficiency, water stress ...) will be presented and discussed.

        报告人简介:Lukas Schreiber 教授是德国波恩大学植物细胞与生理学研究所所长,从事植物胁迫生理学研究,擅长植物成分与功能分析,尤其是植物角质化和栓质化过程的分析,曾经发表SCI论文100多篇,是本领域的著名学者。曾经多次到访中国,培养了多名中国学生。

        联系人:林金星 教授